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How Having an Entrepreneur Mom Teaches Kids Life Lessons

I honestly didn’t know I was an entrepreneur for a long time.  I started out this adventure in the business world simply wanting to make money from home.  Honestly, it was out of “necessity”.  Slowly over time I evolved from the work at home mom communities that helped me get my start to the entrepreneur communities online that I enjoy being a part of today.

I used to think of entrepreneurs as men and women in business suits, but my picture of them has changed over time.  In April of 2011, I was privileged to speak at the first National Association of Christian Women Entrepreneurs conference.  Being in a room full of women entrepreneurs was amazing.  The excitement was contagious and it was there that I knew I had found my “tribe”.

How Having an

How does this relate to being a mom?  It was because of these women that I began to realize that it was acceptable to want for more out of my business and life even though I was a mom.  Before, I had only had the aspirations of grocery money or diaper money and couldn’t see past that.  Sure, deep inside I wanted more, but I was often afraid to admit it.

Many of the moms I had surrounded myself with in the past in a strange way made it seem not acceptable to have an entrepreneurial drive.  However, when I met the women of NACWE and other women and men entrepreneurs since then they have given me a much different viewpoint.

Being a mom entrepreneur became acceptable, even the THING to do.  As a result, I have come to believe that being an entrepreneur has made me a better mom.  It can do the same for you.  I believe being a mom and an entrepreneur allows my kids to learn things that they would have never learned before. These things include:

The value of hard work. – My children, unlike many kids, have been able to actually witness me working.  They realized that the times mommy was on the computer she was working.  They have learned the concept of mommy having a client phone call.  They were able to see that as I worked I was able to help provide for them.

The art of perseverance.  My oldest was able to see that my hard work would begin to pay off.  I have tried to teach him the concept of never giving up and with my business I am able to model this concept for him.

The power of vision.  Though this one is a little harder to teach them.  My business gives me an avenue by which to explain to them the power of knowing what you want and being able to achieve your dreams.  They are able to see me doing that firsthand and therefo=are a witness to the possibilities.

Being an entrepreneur is not always easy, but I believe it has many benefits.  Though I was not aware of it at first I have come to appreciate how it has made me a better mom as well as taught my children so much about life.