3 Basic Business Needs

When I first started out my virtual assistant business I would have given anything for someone to give me a floor plan, a road map, even a flashlight that would have pointed me in the right direction. I muddled around, stumbled around and searched and searched for clues to exactly what I needed to make my new venture a successful one. I desperately wanted to succeed.

Luckily, I had a few navigators that were gracious enough to point me in the right direction, giving me enough directions to light my path to the next destination on the map. Even the smallest guidance and insight was valuable. Never under-estimate the least amount of expert guidance you received. Who is considered an expert? Anyone who has gone before us and lived to tell about it (just kidding).

basic business

There are some basic business needs that apply to almost everyone who is taking the leap into business as a virtual assistant. The truth is there are some basics that we need set up just to make our business stay afloat. These basics include:

ONE – A website – a website is today’s business card. When someone is looking for anything from a book about quick and healthy cooking to a place to workout, from how to potty train their child, to low cost ways to advertise they are going to Google it first. The only way we’ll be found on Google is to have a high-quality SEO (search engine optimized) website.

TWO – A list. In business today a list of contacts is worth gold! We cannot expect to make the first cent in business or even to help the first person without knowing WHO it is that we’re going to sell to or help with our expertise. That’s why we need a way for people to “opt-in” or basically give us “permission” to share information with them and ultimately to sell to them.

THREE – A presence on social media. – Social media is the new billboard, the new networking group, it is the place to be. Show up on social media and people will be able to get to know you, like you and trust you. This will help them to want to do business with you. You want this to happen. My top 3 go to places for social media are Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. These are where we should start. Get started with those by signing up for an account and creating your profile, then begin connecting with others, because that’s what social media is all about connections and relationships.

I hope these tips have helped you to navigate the starting roads of a virtual assistant just starting out in business. Don’t be afraid to just start! If you have questions ask me at http://alyssaavant.com/ask

Making Decisions Wisely

When it comes to making decisions, how do you make yours?

If you’ve ever spent time with a significant other, a boyfriend or husband, you may have had the following decision about date night. “Where do you want to eat tonight?” I don’t know where do you want to eat tonight? It doesn’t matter. You decide. No, I don’t care, you decide.

This is a silly example, but this is often how we are when we need to make a decision. We struggle to make decisions. It is a common issue for many of us. How do you make decisions? Quickly without thinking things through. Slowly with plenty of time to ponder. Decisively, weighing the pros and cons?

Throughout my life, I have made decisions in all of the above ways. Unfortunately, I have many times rushed into decisions and had to deal with the consequences. Therefore, I have learned to take my time and make decisions more wisely over time. I don’t mean to put off important decisions, at least not every time, but I do mean to take your time.


Here are some other important things to consider when making decisions.

Have faith. Have faith that God will help you to make the right decision and that if you make a poor decision that He will lead you back onto the proper path. My faith is a huge part of my decision-making process. I choose to make decisions based on faith, which means that sometimes these decisions will not make sense. God does call us sometimes to do things that do not make sense in our eyes, but do in His.

Say your prayers. When it comes to making decisions and having faith prayer is a necessity. It will be difficult to have faith or make a good decision without talking to God about it first. God can help you to make the right decision and give you the peace that you desire to know that you made the right decision.

Sleep on it. A good night’s sleep can make a huge difference in a good decision and a bad decision. Rushing into making a decision can equal having to deal with the consequences. This is why I have learned to take at least a night’s sleep before making a final decision. You’ll think more clearly after sleeping on it and feel more secure in your decision most likely.