Why I Use Aweber in My Business

A powerful key to business success is a list.  You’ve heard it said, “the money is in the list.”  Not only is the money in the list, but your list of potential clients and customers and your list of current clients is also where your relationships in your business begin.  Your list is the way you communicate with and build a relationship with your customers.  This is even more important than the money.  Sure we all need money in our businesses to make things happen, but you won’t get paid by anyone unless you first build a relationship with them.  The key to having someone do business with you is for them to first know you, like you, then trust you.  If they don’t feel like they know you and can trust you they will NOT do business with you.  That’s the bottom line.

So, how do you make sure that your potential clients and customers feel as if they know you and can trust you?  You must communicate with them and do so on a regular basis.  As your business grows this will become a bit more difficult that is why you want to utilize the systems that are available for you to use so that you can manage to communicate consistently with your list(s).  This will help build the relationship with them that you need.

I Heart AWeber.com

In my personal business I use Aweber as my list management system which allows me to communicate with my potential clients and customers on a regular basis.  I am asked all the time why I choose to use Aweber.  One of the biggest concerns most of you have is the cost of Aweber.  Aweber is $19 per month.  To many of us that seems like a big investment on a monthly basis.  This may be true, but I use Aweber for several reasons including:

Aweber has an autoresponder that allows me to plan ahead, click a few buttons  and allow the system to work while I sleep.  An autoresponder is priceless.  It can be set up once and will work for you time and time again even while I’m sleeping.

Aweber allows your list management systems to grow as your business grows.  Aweber allows you to upgrade as your list grows. There are other list management systems that cost more no matter how many people are on your list, while Aweber won’t charge you more until you have 500 plus people on your list.

Aweber has a professional look and feel.  Aweber’s amazing tools allow you to create emails that have a professional look and feel as well as web forms and sign up boxes that look amazing without a graphic designer.  That’s priceless.

Aweber allows you to track and study your results.  You may be sending emails on a regular basis but you may not have a clue whether or not people are opening them or taking action as a result.  Aweber will allow you to see the open rates as well as the click thru rates so that you’ll know what type emails are working and which ones aren’t.

I don’t know about you but I put a lot of time and energy into my business alot more time and energy than $19 worth a month.  I spend $19 a month for Aweber and it multiplies my time and energy because it works for me.  It also allows me to see that in this past month my list has grown by 58 subscribers  I wouldn’t have known that if I hadn’t invested in the system.  I want to know that my business is succeeding – don’t you? Sign up for Aweber and get started!

Top 5 Tools to Keep Your Business Organized

An organized business is a happier business.  This may not be a proven fact, but it is definitely one I’d be willing to bet on.  Organization has been a key ingredient to my seeing success in my business.  When I have a plan for my days, systems for each area of my business, and the proper tools in place I see much more success than when I’m shooting arrows randomly without a target to aim them at or a goal to reach.

Though I am a techy girl at heart, I can’t resist a pad of paper and a fresh ink pen either.  I actually use a combination of techy tools and good old fashion ones to create my organizational systems and reach my goals.

Here are the top 5 tools I recommend:

1) Spiral bound notebooks and 3 ring binders – I use notebooks and binders to “organize” my business and my office.  I have quite a few of both and love finding them on sale, because that’s when I “stock up”.  At present I am using the spiral bound notebooks (1 subject variety) for the following:

  • I have a client notebook I use to jot down notes anytime I’m communicating with a client.
  • I have a daily tasks / notes notebook to jot down to do lists and notes on a daily basis I date page on the day I use it and can easily refer back to it.
  • I have a budget / finances notebook where I keep a list of my anticipated income and expenses and date them and check them off when they have cleared.

I use my binders in a similar way.  I have binders for the following:

  • I have a bank statements binder.  My bank mails out copies of your checks and the statements they are already hole punched, which makes it super easy to snap into my binder.
  • I have a training binder – any time I do trainings or coaching call or mastermind groups I create a binder for it so that I can keep up with the things that I learn.

2)  Dropbox – Dropbox is a more technical system or tool that I use in my business to keep me organized.  Dropbox is a storage system that allows you to share files with others and store up to 2gb for FREE.  I like using this system to share files with clients and keep everyone separated with their own folder.  It also allows me to get to my files from anywhere.

3)  Gmail – We all know how much email can come into a person’s inbox especially if you’re a business owner. At times, it can truly be overwhelming.  There is a way to make it easier however, by using the filters, labels and some of the apps and labs available through Gmail.  My email stays manageable most days and I can always go back and find emails that I need.  I don’t however use Gmail as my to do list anymore!  More on that later.

4)  In and Out boxes – My organizer friend, Vickie Minnella of Think Beyond Walls gave me this tip and I love it.  I have a couple of trays on my desk that I use for an in and out box.  My kids can place their papers that need signed in the inbox, I can put bills that need paying there, etc.  I also have a place to put papers that need filing as well, when the tray is full it is time to file.

5)  I have a hard time choosing number 5. I also use Aweber for my mailing lists and autoresponders, WordPress for my website, and TeamBox as my project management system to keep myself and my team organized.

As you can see I like using systems and tools to keep my business on the right track.  I recommend creating systems to everyone in business.

The First Steps to Success in Online Business

The First Step to Success in Online Business

We all want to be successful with our online business endeavors.  No matter what your goals are, one of them without a doubt is to have a successful online business that generates income.  Finding success in online business, no matter what the business is begins with some common steps.  Let’s look at the first step to success in online business.

Defining Your Target Market 

Defining your target marketing is one of the most important things you’ll ever do in your online business. This one decision may very well determine whether or not you’ll have a profitable business a few weeks or months from now.

  • How do you find your target market?
  • Where do you look for ideas?
  • Once you have a target market in mind, how do you research it?

Here’s how.

What to Look For in a Market

There are several factors that make for a good target market. The first factor is that the market is small enough that you can be a major playerbut not so small that you can’t make good money. For example, you wouldn’t want to start a new online dating site because Match.com and eHarmony clearly have the market in a stronghold. However, you probably don’t want to start a site on underwater basket weaving, as it’s too small to make any money.

The second factor is that there is money being spent. Sure, “dog pictures” may not have a major player – But chances are, there’s no money being made! The best markets are markets that have a problem that needs to be solved. People who have problems are more willing to spend money.

Where to Look for Ideas

There are several great places to look for target market ideas. The first is Google Trends. Google Trends will give you a good idea of what things are hot right now. This can often help you identify new target markets and become a major player before others hop on the bandwagon.

Another great place to look is Amazon Magazines. If there’s enough of a market for a magazine, chances are there’s enough of a market for you to make money online.

How to Research a Target Market

Once you have an idea, then what? How do you do your research to see if it’s viable? The first step is to check the volume to make sure there’s enough traffic for you to make a living. You can do this through checking the Google Keyword Tool.

Once you’ve made sure you can actually make enough money for it to be worth your while, the next step is to get to know the market and the market’s spending habits.

There are two main places you should look: Your competitors and the niche forums. How are your competitors doing? Are they selling high ticket items, or are they scraping by with advertising? These factors will help you determine how much money is being spent.

Take a look at the niche forums to find out what are typical problems people have in this market. If someone asks a question and others say “I have that same issue!” then you should definitely take note. Once you’ve brainstormed a few niche markets, identified the ones with promise and then narrowed them down to the winners through a good research process, then the next step is to take action and make it happen.