Using Your Gifts No Matter What Season of Life You Are In


It’s amazing what a little time to think and a little time with God will do for you.  I will be the first to admit that over the last few months of working full time again I have slacked off significantly in my time spent with the Lord.  This in and of itself causes me to feel unfulfilled.  Add to that the fact that I haven’t spent as much time pursuing my own passions will leave me a lot unfulfilled.  For me my time with God and my passions go hand in hand. After all He is who leads me, puts the desire in my heart and keeps me striving long after I feel defeated.

A few weeks ago I was given the opportunity to speak at a women’s conference.  The first one I have spoken at in quite some time.  Speaking used to be a monthly occurrence for me, but it has long since been put on the back burner.  But it is amazing how when something is your gift, your passion the ability to do it just comes right back.  God steps in and gives you words and thoughts you never even knew you had in you.

I spoke on the topic of seasons and blessings. . . Hears a short excerpt:

We should make the most of the season of life we are in right now. This can be difficult. Often we look around us and we are confused as to why we are in one season of life and yet our friend, coworker, or neighbor is in a different season.  We may long to be in their season instead of our own.

We must remember that we are not the ones in control.  God is in control.  Just like he controls the changing of the seasons we experience here on Earth, he controls the seasons of our lives.  Daniel 2:21, “God controls the times and the seasons. He makes and unmakes kings.” Now the difficult thing about the seasons of life for us are, we know the seasons of life are coming, and there is not one of us will miss them. We know these different things are going to happen to us at some point in our life, but we have no control over when they come.

I can remember right after I had my second child, my daughter Lily, I unexpectedly discovered that I was pregnant with my third child, Brady.  Lily was only 8 months old.  To say that I was surprised was an understatement.  My husband and I thought our little family was complete, but God had other plans.  God was the one in control.

As a bit of a control freak, there have been other times in my life that I found it difficult to realize that I wasn’t in control.  These times often for me have included waiting.

Waiting is a season of life. Why is it so difficult to wait? Because we have no longer have control. Things happen, circumstances occur, that we have absolutely nothing to do with, and we are victims of those circumstances in a sense, and yet we’re not victims, because we need to understand that waiting for answered prayer, waiting for God to do a certain thing, waiting for a certain goal to be reached, waiting for a certain thing to happen in our lives is a part of the season of life.

And the seasons of life happen very suddenly; they change very quickly. You’re in one season of life, and all of a sudden something occurs, and you’re in a totally different season.

Going back to the story about my children, I thought after I had Lily that the baby stage would soon be past and I would be a mom of children who would soon be able to do more for themselves.  Boy was I wrong!  This was something I had to wait on.

At that time I desired to stay at home with my children.  I didn’t like the idea of putting them into daycare.  So that’s exactly what I did.  Those years were difficult.  Financially we struggled to get by, but God always provided (which is a different testimony all in itself).

I knew that one day I would be able to help provide financially for my family.  But that was a different season of my life that had yet to come . .

As I stand here in the midst of the season I had longed for I look back and realize how much I should never take any season of my life for granted.  However, there is one thing I hope to gain and to also encourage others to do.

Do not ever believe that just because you are in a season and that it is difficult that God is not working in and through you, that you cannot be about his business, that you cannot use your gifts even in the midst of that season.

I believe this is where discouragement begins to creep in and the devil begins to have his way.

That is when doubt and fear take over and we become dismayed.  I don’t want to become dismayed . . . I hope you won’t either.

So Many Changes


Life is full of changes.  If it weren’t for change I guess life would be boring.  Fortunately for me life is anything but boring.  Lately, I have faced some changes and some new challenges.  I’ve had a lot on my mind and even more going on.  This summer has been a time of attempting to find what the next step in life would be for me.  I know that I tend to live a bit discontent, but I just knew that I was not exactly where I needed to be so a I kept searching.

I have taken a job outside the home again working at the school that my kids attend once again in library and accelerated reading.  I have spent the past few weeks at the school a couple of days a week redoing the library.  We’ve moved the elementary library to the high school library and redid it to make one library. It has been a ton of work and fun too.

We start school officially on August 6 with teacher workdays.  I will be working full time, but will have the luxury of a teacher’s scheduled only working 180 days a year.  I will have the same holidays my kids do.  It is a win-win.  I will still have time to do my own business part time at night and on the weekends. I am keeping a few clients as a result and happy to be able to do so.

On another note, this weekend I went to a friend of mine from high school’s book release party and book signing.  It gave me the itch to finally start my next book.  I have been hesitant to write it because it is a touchy subject for me.  However, her book was the same way and took a ton of guts to write.  I feel like it has given me the challenge to write my gutsy book.

I will still be blogging here and hope to share some of my new journey with you!

Making Decisions Wisely

When it comes to making decisions, how do you make yours?

If you’ve ever spent time with a significant other, a boyfriend or husband, you may have had the following decision about date night. “Where do you want to eat tonight?” I don’t know where do you want to eat tonight? It doesn’t matter. You decide. No, I don’t care, you decide.

This is a silly example, but this is often how we are when we need to make a decision. We struggle to make decisions. It is a common issue for many of us. How do you make decisions? Quickly without thinking things through. Slowly with plenty of time to ponder. Decisively, weighing the pros and cons?

Throughout my life I have made decisions in all of the above ways. Unfortunately, I have many times rushed into decisions and had to deal with the consequences. Therefore, I have learned to take my time and make decisions more wisely over time. I don’t mean to put off important decisions, at least not every time, but I do mean to take your time.

Here are some other important things to consider when making decisions.

Have faith. Have faith that God will help you to make the right decision and that if you make a poor decision that He will lead you back onto the proper path. My faith is a huge part of my decision making process. I choose to make decisions based on faith, which means that sometimes these decisions will not make sense. God does call us sometimes to do things that do not make sense in our eyes, but do in His.

Say your prayers. When it comes to making decisions and having faith prayer is a necessity. It will be difficult to have faith or make a good decision without talking to God about it first. God can help you to make the right decision and give you the peace that you desire to know that you made the right decision.

Sleep on it. A good night’s sleep can make a huge difference in a good decision and a bad decision. Rushing into making a decision can equal having to deal with the consequences. This is why I have learned to take at least a night’s sleep before making a final decision. You’ll think more clearly after sleeping on it and feel more secure in your decision most likely.

How to Make Your Small Business Dreams a Reality


It is a question I often asked myself and one I have been asked often by others.  How do I make my small biz dreams a reality?  If you’re a dreamer like myself you might can picture the small business of your dreams in your minds eye.  You know what you want to create.  You know what you want the outcome to be.  You may even know your tiny goal as well as your big pie in the sky dream.  The one thing you wish could happen but here’s the catch, you don’t know how to MAKE it happen.  Am I right? You’ve thought, “how do I make my dream a reality?”  If you’ve thought this you’re not alone.

Unfortunately, there is no simple 1,2, 3 or step by step guide for every small business out there.  There are certain steps that we must all take in order to make our dreams of business come true.  I cover these in my book.  However, there is so much more to creating a small business and getting your dream off the ground than meets the eye.

As a Christian the answers lie much more in your faith than they do in the reality of things.  There will be pieces and steps in creating a business that quite frankly you don’t know how to do! But, you must remember that your Heavenly Father knows all!  God will make a way when there seems to be no way.  He works in ways we cannot see.  He works behind the scenes.  He prepares the path for you.  He aligns you with those you need to meet in order to get your dream on track to becoming a reality.

I know this is a simplified answer.  I know this answer will most likely discourage a few of you; however, it is the TRUTH.  I don’t know how to say it any clearer than to put your faith and trust in God to put your dream on a path to success.  Pray about every detail of your business and watch as God begins to help you make it a reality.  It most likely won’t happen over night, but it will happen in His perfect timing.