This has been a series of Facebook lives to answer your questions about writing your first nonfiction book. And today’s question is “What if I cannot afford to buy a bunch of my books in order to sell them?” And this is a question that I obviously thought a lot about when I had first started to write a book, you know, years ago.  But the truth is there are so many more options now that were available than were available when I wrote my first book just six years ago.

Options for Making Your Books Available without Buying a Bunch of Books:

One of these options is called print on demand.  There are several companies that offer this service, including Amazon.

So a print on demand is when you have a company that is contracted to print your book. When someone purchases that book. So if they purchase your book offline, online, either from your website or from larger websites such as Amazon, all of my books are available on Amazon and all of them are on print, on you have my book for sale.

Second, you must remember that a lot of people now read their books from a device, such as a Kindle, a Nook or even their cell phone.  It costs absolutely nothing to get your book available electronically except for hiring someone to format it correctly if you choose to do so.  You can also use free templates available online and do it yourself.

Thirdly, there is the option of having your book turned into an audiobook.  Many people enjoy listening to a book rather than actually reading it.  Though I wouldn’t suggest making this the ONLY way your book is available I would take the time to turn your book into an audiobook because it gives you a secondary way to make income from your book.

Learn more about these options and more in today’s video.

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