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You have been reading the story of my prayer journaling journey for the past few days.  Hopefully, I haven’t bored you to tears yet.  However, just in case I wanted to share with you the stories of others as well.  So I connected with other prayer journalers and got them to share their stories.

prayer journaling important practice for all ages

I know how powerful that prayer journaling has been in my life, so I was sure that others felt this way as well.  Boy was I right!  Just as I suspected.  Prayer journaling is an important practice for all ages.

Prayer Journaling is an Important Practice for All Ages

So today I would like to introduce you to Kristen Barry.  Kristen is a second-year political science student at Florida State University. She started her blog at the beginning of college and writes lifestyle, college, and faith content. She also started her own Etsy store, PaintedGracebyKS. She is currently an executive board member of her sorority and hopes to attend law school after graduation.

What I was excited about when I learned about Kristen is that she is a young person who enjoys prayer journaling, showing you that this practice is good for all ages.

Kristen only began prayer journaling this year as she decided to make it a goal this year.  This means she has been prayer journaling for 4 months.

I was anxious to hear what Kristen’s favorite thing about prayer journaling was.  She shared, “My favorite thing about prayer journaling is that it keeps me accountable to daily prayer and time with the Lord, and I like the physical aspect of filling up the pages of a journal, compared to just praying to myself. I like to write down my prayers so that I can also add in passages or quotes from devotionals, Bible verses, or songs that are relevant to my prayer, and good reminders to keep me in the prayerful mindset when it is more difficult to keep my mind focused.”

I asked Kristen to share with us what advice she would give someone who is a new prayer journaler or wants to begin the practice of prayer journaling.

She replied, ” I would highly recommend pairing prayer journaling with a daily devotional (I love the book ‘Jesus Calling’), be it a book, app, or website. The daily prompt is a good place to start, especially when you don’t know how to begin or open the daily prayer, which was my issue when I started. I’d say just go for it!

God knows what’s in your heart and mind already, He just wants you to bring it before Him and spend time with Him. It’s easy to feel a little intimidated or not know what to say, but prayer is so personal, there’s really few ‘wrong’ ways to do it, as long as you’re spending intentional time with Our Father.”

Good advice huh?

I 100% agree with everything Kristen has shared with us above.  I wish I had actually begun prayer journaling earlier in life and I have encouraged my children to start.  They are all in their teenage years now but I started encouraging them when they were younger.  I think that two of them have practiced prayer journaling in some stage over the past few years.

Don’t be afraid to start prayer journaling no matter what your age and just like Kristen shared with us don’t be intimidated there is no right or “wrong” way to journal the importance is spending time with God.

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