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We are continuing on our 30 days of prayer journaling journey.  If you’re just joining us today is Day 5 in a series of 30 days of prayer journaling prompts.  You can find Day 1 here and you can find a summary of all the prayer journaling prompts as well.

I know we’ve been talking about prayer journaling for five days now, but I thought you might appreciate a few more tips, these are my secrets to a simple prayer journaling process which are guaranteed to help you become an avid prayer journaler.

Beginning the process of journaling is simple.  As a Christian for 28 years, I have spent much time in prayer and have used a prayer journal for the majority of those years.  It took some time to develop a technique, which I was comfortable with, however over the years I have finally developed a proven technique so easy and encouraging, that I still use it today.

The Process of Prayer Journaling

I begin my quiet time each day by using my prayer journal.  This begins with simply writing out my thoughts and feelings about the day, struggles I am going through, things that are worrying me, things that I am excited about, anything and everything that is on my mind.  This can be very freeing and soothing to do.  I then take time out to either write down my prayers in a bulleted list form by topic or in a more of a phrase form, such as “Help me Lord to rely on you for my needs.”  After doing this, I feel that it is also important to give God thanks and to praise Him.  Therefore, I do the same thing with a list of thanksgivings and praises.  I attempt each day to thank and to praise God for as many things or more than I asked of Him.

Finally, I present this to God in silent prayer and ask Him to lead me and guide me in my devotional time.  For my devotional time, I usually try to read both from the Bible itself and often times from an encouraging devotional or inspirational book.  I draw from the reading what I feel God is attempting to tell me and I record in my journal these thoughts.

I hope that these simple instructions will help you to begin your process of prayer journaling.  It is my prayer that you will not only fill this journal but that you will need many others in your future relationship with the Lord.

”Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.” Philippians 4:6

Today’s Prayer Journaling Prompt:  Journal about your weaknesses. Does it bother you that these things are your weaknesses? How do you deal with them and overcome them?

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