We are going to be hearing the stories of two more journalers today, Hannah and Myriah.  Just like the last two days, I am asking them questions about their prayer journaling journey to encourage you on yours.  They share how prayer journaling is pouring your heart out to God.

First, we will hear from Hannah. . . 

Start Prayer Journaling Even if Its Messy

pouring your heart out to God

Hi! I am Hannah,  just a Jesus loving girl, blogging and YouTubing to encourage others to be the person God has created them to be.  You can find me online at http://www.thedifferentgirl.com/

When did you begin using a prayer journal?  

February 2017 which means I’ve been journaling just over a year.

What is your favorite thing about prayer journaling?

Being able to process my thoughts and give them over to God.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to begin using a prayer journal but doesn’t know where to start?

Just start where you are at, it doesn’t have to be a perfect process. Start in the messy hard parts and talk with your friend, Jesus.

Pouring Your Heart Out to God in Prayer

Next, I want to let Myriah introduce herself. . . 

Hi, I’m Myriah, a thirty-something wife and mama living with my little family on the mission field in Budapest, Hungary. I love cooking and hosting friends in our little apartment. I love spending my days with my wonderful little toddler girl, she is the answer to 10 million prayers and brings me such joy! I also super enjoy writing and have been blogging for 9 years!  You can read more of my posts at www.planstoprosperus.com

When did you begin using a prayer journal?  

When we were in the thick of suffering through infertility and beginning to walk the road to adoption.  

How long have you been a prayer journaler?

for about 5 years

What is your favorite thing about prayer journaling?

I love that passage in Joshua 4 when the Israelites took stones out of the Jordan river and set them up on the bank of the river as a memorial of what God had done for them. I love my prayer journal, or should I say journals because I have filled several by now, because they are like stones from the Jordan for me. I love to look back through them and see things I had poured out on the page to God and then think about how He has been faithful and done so much in the way of answering these prayers!

What advice would you give to someone who wants to begin using a prayer journal but doesn’t know where to start?

Your journal doesn’t have to be fancy, your wording doesn’t have to be formal, you can use pencil or pen or even markers if you want…the important thing is to just write, pour out your heart to the Lord. Write to Him in conversation form, make lists, write names of people, write words, read your Bible when you are journaling and praying and write scripture in the journal. Then the most important advice I have is to go back and read your prayers after a month’s time and see how God has answered them. THANK HIM! Write your thankfulness!!

Now, I challenge you. Are you spending time in prayer daily whether or not you are using a prayer journal?  Are you pouring out your heart to God in prayer.  If not it is my hope and prayer that you will begin to do so and in turn experience the powerful changes that prayer can make in your life.

I know without a shadow of a doubt that prayer changes things and that investing your time in prayer is worth every minute that you spend.


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