I began combining Scripture & creativity at a very early age

I accepted Jesus into my heart as my Lord and Savior when I was in 3rd grade. Ever since then I have had a fondness for The Word of God. Even as a little girl, I would make and send out my own hand-made greeting cards and Christmas cards, which always included a Scripture. Through the years, I have experienced the power of The Word at work in my life, and therefore, have become even more passionate about it.

Scrapbooking & Homeschooling Era

In the 1990s I got into scrapbooking and really fell in love with it. I could scrapbook for hours upon hours. I often included Scripture in my scrapbook pages and also included journaling about my faith and how God was working in our lives.

I also made pretty Scripture memory cards and affirmation cards to help me memorize and pray God’s Word. Also, I was homeschooling our children at that time and we did lots of creative activities during our Bible study lessons.

Graphic Design

Later, I went back to school and graduated with a degree in Visual Communications (which included lots of instruction in graphic design.) I had always loved doing arts and crafts type stuff but never considered myself an artist because I was never able to draw anything that looked realistic. And I would get frustrated when trying to draw. If I made one little mistake I would have to start all over again. So when I discovered graphic design I fell in love with it because it was so easy to correct mistakes and edit your designs. It was so much easier to me than drawing, and I wasn’t so worried about making a mistake or wasting so much paper and supplies.


So then I began designing greeting cards, stationery and even Scripture art using my graphic design skills. I loved creating things with Scripture because I found that, while doing so, I was hiding The Word in my heart, which helped me have more victory in my everyday life.

After I got an iPhone I also liked creating Scripture graphics using iPhone apps and setting them as my lock screen.

Hand-lettering & Illustrating Scripture

About 4-5 years ago, my Bible study group was studying Psalm 119, which is all about The Word of God. I remember reading verse 47-48 in the Message Bible and thinking, “Now that is how I want to feel about The Word.” This was about the time that hand-lettering was beginning to get popular. I really liked that style of artwork, and I missed the feel of pencil on paper. So, I decided to challenge myself to hand-letter Psalm 119:47-48 to help me memorize it.


The result is pictured above. It did not turn out as beautiful as the images I had seen on Instagram, but I loved it! And what I loved even more was that, as I was drawing it, it was as if it was being embossed on my heart. Some Scriptures I have memorized, only to forget them a few years (or a few days) later. But this Scripture I will never forget. Even today, I can close my eyes and see each word exactly as I had drawn it.

Furthermore, what was even more exciting to me, was that I began to declare this by faith, and every day, little by little,  I found myself cherishing Scripture more and more, and falling more in love with The Word of God. I was hooked and I began hand-lettering more Scriptures. I might use them as a coloring page or scan and save to my computer, then add color digitally.

Bible Journaling in a Bible

Jesus is The Word Bible journaling page by JoDittIt wasn’t until a year or two later that I actually began doing that kind of thing in my Bible. When I first heard about Illustrated Faith and Bible Journaling and saw the beautiful images of decorated Bible pages on Pinterest, my heart skipped a beat. I thought the idea of drawing, coloring, and hand-lettering inside your Bible was a fun and brilliant idea. It was also a scary idea… I mean, what if I made a mistake? I couldn’t just tear the page out and throw it away.

Besides, I didn’t have one of those “journaling” Bibles with the wide margins. But when a dear friend of mine, who knew I would absolutely LOVE Bible journaling gave me a journaling Bible, (and it wasn’t even my birthday or Christmas), well, I knew that I had to give it a try.

Jesus is the Word Bible journaling page by JoDitt

I knew what Scripture I wanted to use for my First Bible Journaling Page – John chapter 1 – because when I discovered that Jesus actually is The Word of God, that changed my perspective and attitude toward the Bible. I want to know Jesus more, so the more I get to know the Bible, the better I know Jesus. Above are photos of my first page. It is not perfect and I wish I would have left off a few of the extra embellishments. But that’s OK. It is part of my faith journey.

a good marriage Bible journaling by JoDitt  a good marriage Bible journaling by JoDitt

a good marriage Bible journaling by JoDittI would have to say that my favorite technique is hand-lettering because I find that it helps me memorize or “hide” the Scripture in my heart best. I like to then add color using colored pencils or watercolor pencils and glitter gel pens.

Oh, and I love to use eyeshadow for soft, airy backgrounds. I just rub it on with a cotton swab or a cotton ball for larger areas. It takes less time to fill in the backgrounds this way. Plus, it leaves a softer, smoother texture, which I like.

Journals, Journaling Cards and Sermon Notes

I do Bible journaling in my Bible, and in an art journal, but I also like to do it on cards with pretty borders, which I place in various places around my house, car & office to help meditate on Scripture even when my Bible is not open. I also try to add some color and creativity to my sermon notes.

audacity word study   Bible journaling on cards by JoDitt   I will trust in God Bible journaling card  JoDitt's sermon notes

Also, I live in an RV, and therefore, have very limited space. That is another reason that  I choose to do hand-lettering and drawing in my Bible, rather than using a lot of different supplies and tools. All of my Bible journaling supplies fit in a tote bag. That way I can easily do Bible journaling at my kitchen table, or outside on the patio table, or while sitting in my bed.

Bible journaling tote    Bible journaling outside

But hand-lettering does take more time and energy. I have discovered that I prefer to just color in already drawn illustrations on days when I am really tired or lacking energy and/or focus. Often, at bedtime, I like to color in a Scripture coloring book or in a coloring Bible.

Bible-study-Journal-page-by-JoDitt       Scripture bookmark by JoDitt

I just recently purchased the Praise Inspire Bible and I am really enjoying coloring in it. I find that putting on some worship music or a Bible teaching and coloring in my Bible is quite relaxing and helps me to unwind at the end of long day. Then I continue meditating on and picturing in my mind the Scripture as I drift off to sleep.

delighting in the word    delighting in the word

I encourage you to try different techniques and find what works for you and what you enjoy most.

JoDitt Williams
JoDitt Williams

JoDitt is the artist and author of "Delight in The Word of God" devotional coloring books and host of Delight in The Word Facebook group. Her mission is to cultivate DELIGHT in God’s Word thru color & creativity. She desires to help women fall in love with The Word (which is Jesus) because it has made such a huge difference in her own life. Thanks to Jesus, JoDitt is no longer a slave to fear and that is why she speaks and blogs about her ongoing transformation from worrier to warrior, and about Bible journaling, coloring with Jesus, and Pretty Power Prayers. Help yourself to her free Bible journaling printables at joditt.com/joy.

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    • Carol Wade

      Thank you,JoDitt. You are an inspiration to me.

    • Gee Dixon

      I enjoyed your book to color in. Even though the coloring is done in it. The Bible verses and what I wrote on a certain day; zi can go back and read it anytime.

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    • Wendy Brown

      You are very gifted. Thank you for sharing your passion with me.

    • Denise Nash

      I LOVE the idea of a tote!! we are currently on the road in our RV. We left home Feb. 4th and I have rearranged things in the trailer many times. I keep finding that I need new methods to make the traveling easier. I get really frustrated when I can’t remember where I put my Bible in the last round of reorganizing! I’ll be looking for a pretty bag with pockets now!

    • Faith Robeson

      I too live fill time in an RV. I have had to scale back my crafting things to fit on a small shelf on the dinette and I have 2 milk crates under the bed for stamps, inks, paper etc. But my Bible, colored pencils, Bible study, and notebook are out all the time.
      I believe that Yeshua has set me in time place at this time for a reason. I love my life and wouldn’t want to be doing anything else.
      Thank you for sharing yourself with me. It makes me feel not so alone
      Blessing to you

      • Alyssa

        How interesting that several of you live in an RV.

    • Pat Hobbs

      Thank you for sharing….and I Love your artwork!😊

    • Tammy Walls

      Thanks for the wonderful ideas!!

    • cynthia

      On the eyeshadow do you use water or no water. I was wondering if it smears.
      Thank you.

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