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Today’s guest Bible journaler is Rachel Cheyne.  I connected with Rachel in a Facebook group for Christian bloggers.  I’m excited for you to read about her Bible journaling journey.  She and I have similar journeys.

About three years ago, I found #biblejournaling on Instagram, and I was immediately intrigued. Shortly thereafter, I began art journaling during my quiet time with a pen and colored pencils in a tiny notebook. As a visual learner, this simple start helped me to remember what I was reading and to have a record of what the Lord was teaching me.

I received a journaling Bible for Christmas in 2017, and I became much more consistent and elaborate in documenting my faith visually. I started with a black gel pen and those same colored pencils, but before long, I was adding washi tape, stickers, watercolor, and I had amassed a variety of drawing pens.

My favorite thing about Bible journaling is the legacy of faith that will be left for my children on the pages of my Bible. I love thinking about what my Bible will mean to them as they read the notes and see what God taught me through and for them. I also pray that evidence of my faith will be a tangible encouragement even when I am not physically present.

Most of my journaling is what I would refer to as “mixed media in the margins”, so I use a wide variety of tools and supplies, but a good white gel pen has been a game changer for me. It works well for covering mistakes, but it also makes hand lettering pop. I also use it to create subtle texture in drawings.  I struggle with being too critical of my work, and having an easy solution has allowed me to forgive myself for making mistakes as I learn.

No Wrong Way to Do It

I keep a variety of supplies on my desk, so I can grab whatever sparks my interest on a given day. I love washi tape (Who doesn’t?), scrapbooking stickers, pretty paper, and watercolor pencils. I even have a mixed jar of sparkles and sequins that I adhere with glue to add a little pizzazz to finished pages. Because of this varied approach, it is a little difficult for me to describe a favorite technique. I guess my favorite technique is mixing multiple styles. 

I am not comfortable with covering the text, so my artwork stays in the margins or is very faint when it stretches into the printed scriptures. However, I do not feel that this stipulation has limited me. I have been quite adventurous with techniques and materials, and I enjoy flipping through this colorful record of my growth in the past 15-ish months.

Bible Journaling No Wrong Way Bible Journaling No Wrong Way Bible Journaling No Wrong Way Bible Journaling No Wrong Way

Rachel Cheyne
Rachel Cheyne

Rachel Cheyne is a part-time high school math teacher, mama to a brown eyed toddling boy, and wife to a handsome engineer. Before Rachel and her husband got married, she shared the dream with him that someday their family life and their church life would be essentially one and the same. After a couple of moves early in marriage, their church home is everything they longed for. In a given week, you can expect to find them (and their little boy!) volunteering in the youth and children’s ministries, hosting church friends for dinner, serving on committees, and substituting as Sunday School teachers. When not teaching or immersing herself in her church family, Rachel enjoys knitting, cooking, gardening, reading, blogging, and playing fixer-upper in their 1937 home. You can find more from Rachel at Quiet(ish) Spirit and on Instagram @rachel.cheyne.

    3 replies to "Bible Journaling: There is No Wrong Way to Do It"

    • Pat Hobbs

      I love that you incorporate mixed media into your Bible journaling. What a wonderful way to add whatever God has “put into your hands” to praise Him.

    • Berentha

      Thanks for sharing your bible journaling.

    • Denise Nash

      Thanks for sharing!im like you in preferring to keep it subtle.

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