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5 Ways Bible Journaling Can Help You Overcome Anxiety

I have dealt with anxiety and panic attacks since I was a small child.  So for that same length of time, I have looked for ways to help me to overcome the anxiety that I have experienced in my life for so long.  If you have dealt with anxiety, whether it be chronic or sporadic you know just how difficult it can be to control.  However, over time I have discovered a new way to calm my anxiety that you may have never thought of.

This way?  Bible journaling.  Bible journaling is a way of spending time with the Lord combining art, Bible study, and journaling into one activity, but more importantly for those of us who suffer from anxiety, you can overcome anxiety through Bible journaling.

How Bible Journaling can help you to overcome anxiety:

Something to Help You Focus

Bible journaling has given me a way to focus on something other than the anxiety and/or fears that are swirling around in my brain.  It has helped me to focus on God’s word and thus spend more time there than I might have in the past.

A Way to Release Your Anxiety and Fears

Bible journaling doesn’t just have to include the writing down of Scripture, you can also spend time journaling out your thoughts, anxieties, and fears.  Sometimes just getting these thoughts out of your head and onto paper can be a huge help in overcoming your anxiety.

Helps You to Count Your Blessings

Many times when we are experiencing anxiety, we tend to focus on it and the negative things in our lives instead of focusing on the positive things and spending time actually counting our blessings.

A Relaxing Activity

You’ve often heard people say that certain activities for them are “cheaper than therapy.”  To me, Bible journaling is definitely one of those activities.  Because I tend to be a frugal Bible journaler, I can definitely spend less money on it than if I actually paid a counselor for their time.  Trust me, I’ve been to a counselor and while they can be helpful, Bible journaling I have found to be a wonderful, relaxing activity as well.  It has helped me to calm my anxieties in a very real way.

It Builds Hope

Because Bible journaling is a way of spending time in God’s word, you become more and more aware of the hope that can be brought to us through Christ.  Therefore, spending time in the activity of Bible journaling can build hope into your life and therefore take your focus off of your anxieties.

It is my hope that sharing this information with you will encourage you to give Bible journaling a try especially if you deal with anxiety on a regular basis.

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